2022 preview: Will the global computer chip shortage ever end?

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The increasing request for machine chips, utilized successful everything from cars to fridges, has collided with the effects of the coronavirus pandemic, starring to a planetary shortage that is apt to proceed done 2022

Technology 31 December 2021

By Jason Arunn Murugesu

Computer spot   factory

A accumulation enactment astatine Jiejie Semiconductor Co., Ltd successful Nantong, China

Xu Congjun/VCG via Getty Images

The ongoing planetary machine spot shortage is the crushed you inactive can’t bargain a PlayStation 5, wherefore production lines for caller cars person stalled and why Apple produced 10 cardinal less iPhone 13s successful 2021 than it had planned. But what is down the shortage, and volition the occupation proceed into 2022?

Microchips are some progressively captious – recovered successful everything from laptops and cars to fridges – and progressively complex. “The archetypal Intel microchip successful 1971 contained 2500 …

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