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If you are a startup owner, writing a press release is one of the best ways to get attention. A press release is also known as a news release or news service. It's a formal way to share information with journalists and other members of the media, who will use it in their coverage of your company or product launch.

Writing press release for your start up will help you to write some effective press release.

Writing press release for your start up will help you to write some effective press release. Press releases are used by companies and organizations to advertise their products or services, inform the public about a news event, or simply update the public on what is happening in their company.

Press releases can be used for many different purposes such as:

  • Promoting new products or services - The main goal of writing a press release is getting publicity for your start up. It's important that you choose an appropriate topic for writing this type of document so that it's interesting and informative enough for readers who might not already know about what you're offering.

  • Getting attention from media outlets - If there aren't any other options available (like social media platforms), then sometimes it makes sense just try contacting journalists directly through email instead since they'll likely have more time available than other sites would allow them access too--this is especially true if dealing with smaller publications like local newspapers where space constraints limit how much content gets published each day/weekend cycle due its limited staff size compared against say Forbes magazine which employs hundreds upon hundreds more employees working behind closed doors all day long every single day without fail regardless weather conditions permit so even weather related events won’t stop them from doing their job properly because they need something done right away before anything else happens afterwards;

Because writing a press release does not have any formula, you can use different type of format to write it.

Press releases are written for a specific purpose and intended to attract the attention of the media. This means that the format you choose should be relevant to that purpose. In other words, if you want to write a press release about your business, then it must be written in such way that readers/reporters will understand what you're saying without having to read through pages full of text.

There's no formula or rulebook when it comes down writing press releases; all we can do is try our best with whatever tools we have at hand (like Google Docs). However, there are some basic components which help make an effective press release:

  • A good headline - headlines do not just attract attention but also entice people into reading further down into what's being said there on paper; this is especially true for short-form articles like blogs posts because they tend not have much space left over after editing out everything else from inside them except headlines themselves! In fact most people only read half way through before moving onto another article altogether due as things get too boring or repetitious quickly after reaching certain points within these kinds off texts."

My favorite type of format is the Nut graf.

The nut graf is the first paragraph of your press release. It should be a sentence or two long, written in an active voice and written in a way that grabs the reader's attention.

Most journalists are trained to skim over text before they actually read it, so make sure you can tell whether or not this format works for you and your audience!

You can use nut graf to get instant attention of your audience.

Nut graf is a short, punchy phrase that grabs attention. It's great for social media shares and blog posts because it gives readers something to share with their friends, which increases the chance of getting more traffic to your website.

The best way to write nut graf is by finding an interesting quote from someone else's article or post and then weaving it into your own piece. And if you want even more power at making people click on your link, try using numbers in the title (like "5 Reasons Why...").

In this blog, I'll discuss Press Release Format in detail.

  • Use a template to write your press release.

  • Use the nut graf to get instant attention.

  • Use the nut graf to tell your audience what you are doing and why they should care.

  • Use the nut graf to tell your audience what you are doing, so that they can follow up with more information about it later on if necessary (or even better, just let them know!).

Remember, the goal is not to just write a press release but write a good press release that help you to achieve your goal.

The goal is not to just write a press release but write a good press release that help you to achieve your goal. If you want to increase traffic by 20% then it is important for you to follow the right format and structure of writing a press release.

Writing a good press release can be quite challenging because there are many things that one needs to consider while doing so, here are few tips on how we can make our work better:

Follow this 2-step process to write newsworthy press releases!

The first step to writing a newsworthy press release is to write the newsworthy press release. This means that you need to tell your readers something they don't already know—something they can't find on Google and will be interested in reading about.

The second step is writing an attention-grabbing headline that's designed to attract readers' attention, but not so much as it draws them away from the rest of your content.


In this blog, I've explained the important points about press release format. You can now write a newsworthy press release in couple of minutes. This will help you to get instant attention of all your readers and followers on social media platforms like Facebook, Twitter etc.

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