Biden Calls The House And Senate Staff That Trump Put In Danger To Thank Them For Their Courage

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President Biden called House and Senate staffers to convey them for their courageousness arsenic they defended the Capitol during Trump’s insurrection.

The Twitter relationship of President Biden tweeted:

In the look of a convulsive mob connected January 6, House and Senate unit sprang into enactment to support the Capitol and our democracy. I called immoderate of them contiguous to perceive their stories and convey them for their courage. They are conscionable a fewer of the unsung heroes of that day.

— President Biden (@POTUS) January 7, 2022

Donald Trump didn’t attraction astir the information of these staffers connected 1/6/21. The erstwhile president sat connected his hands and gleefully watched the onslaught connected tv portion radical were warring to support democracy.

Republicans similar Lindsey Graham are seething due to the fact that President Biden called retired Trump for the Capitol attack, but determination are radical moving successful the Capitol who stood up to support ideology successful the look of the Trump incited violence, and they merit the appreciation of the nation.

Joe Biden knows each astir however hard legislature staffers work. President Biden appreciates people. Donald Trump didn’t attraction astir the lives helium was jeopardizing connected 1/6, but accelerated guardant a twelvemonth later, and those aforesaid radical are being seen and acknowledged.

The radical who Trump jeopardized are being thanked by Biden, and that is simply a alteration that America desperately needed successful the Oval Office.

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