Deranged Hawley Insists Democrats Are “Using” 1/6 to “Consolidate Power”

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Senator Josh Hawley (R-Mo.) insisted that Democrats are “using” the January 6 insurrection, whose 1-year day is tomorrow, to “consolidate power.”

“The authorities of fearfulness that the Democratic Party has been pushing connected this state for a full year, it’s the lone happening they person to connection the country,” Hawley said during an quality connected Fox News. “And what they’re trying to bash with it is consolidate their power.”

Hawley went connected to impeach Democrats of weaponizing the FBI “against parents” and complained that they “called demonstrators insurrectionists.”

“It started past Jan. 6 and they person utilized that lawsuit to effort and consolidate their powerfulness and effort and propulsion this fearfulness politics,” helium said. “And this is going to beryllium the twelvemonth … wherever Americans cull fear.”

2021 was a twelvemonth of fear, acknowledgment to the Left. 2022 is the twelvemonth Americans accidental nary

— Josh Hawley (@HawleyMO) January 5, 2022

Hawley has agelong backed erstwhile President Donald Trump’s “Big Lie” that the 2020 predetermination was stolen from him contempt each grounds to the contrary.

He has flip-flopped his stance much than once, adjacent aft voting not to certify the predetermination results, which showed President Joe Biden won.

In fact, successful March 2021, helium erstwhile claimed not to judge the prevarication astatine all.

“I don’t springiness him advice, and I’m not going to springiness you my affectional reactions to his quotes,” Hawley said of Trump, who had taken the signifier astatine the Conservative Political Action Conference implicit the play to propulsion the prevarication erstwhile again.

At the clip Hawley added that the erstwhile president is “a feline with a beardown constituent of view, he’s a erstwhile President and he’s not going anywhere.”

“He’s precise consistent,” helium added. “He’s going to accidental what helium believes.”

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