E. O. Wilson: Extraordinary scholar who warned of biodiversity crisis

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By Doug Tallamy, University of Delaware

Edward O. Wilson successful his bureau successful the Museum of Comparative Zoology astatine Harvard, successful 2014. Credit: Suzanne Kreiter/The Boston Globe via Getty Images

E. O. Wilson was an bonzer student successful each consciousness of the word. Back successful the 1980s, Milton Stetson, the seat of the biology section astatine the University of Delaware, told maine that a idiosyncratic who makes a azygous seminal publication to his oregon her tract has been a success. By the clip I met Edward O. Wilson successful 1982, helium had already made astatine slightest 5 specified contributions to science.

Wilson, who died connected 26 December 2021 astatine the property of 92, discovered the chemical means by which ants communicate. He worked retired the value of situation size and presumption wrong the scenery successful sustaining carnal populations. And helium was the archetypal to recognize the evolutionary ground of both carnal and quality societies.

Each of his seminal contributions fundamentally changed the mode scientists approached these disciplines, and explained wherefore E.O. – arsenic helium was fondly known – was an world deity for galore young scientists similar me. This astonishing grounds of accomplishment whitethorn person been owed to his phenomenal quality to portion unneurotic caller ideas utilizing accusation garnered from disparate fields of study.

Big insights from tiny subjects

In 1982 I cautiously sat down adjacent to the large antheral during a interruption astatine a tiny league connected societal insects. He turned, extended his manus and said, “Hi, I’m Ed Wilson. I don’t judge we’ve met.” Then we talked until it was clip to get backmost to business.

Three hours aboriginal I approached him again, this clip without trepidation due to the fact that surely present we were the champion of friends. He turned, extended his hand, and said “Hi, I’m Ed Wilson. I don’t judge we’ve met.”

Wilson forgetting me, but remaining benignant and funny anyway, showed that beneath his galore layers of brilliance was a existent idiosyncratic and a compassionate one. I was caller retired of postgraduate school, and uncertainty that different idiosyncratic astatine that league knew little than I — thing I’m definite Wilson discovered arsenic soon arsenic I opened my mouth. Yet helium didn’t hesitate to widen himself to me, not erstwhile but twice.

Thirty-two years later, successful 2014, we met again. I had been invited to talk successful a ceremonial honoring his receipt of the Franklin Institute’s Benjamin Franklin Medal for Earth and Environmental Science. The grant honored Wilson’s beingness achievements successful science, but peculiarly his galore efforts to save beingness connected Earth.

My enactment studying autochthonal plants and insects, and however important they are to nutrient webs, was inspired by Wilson’s eloquent descriptions of biodiversity and however the myriad interactions among taxon make the conditions that alteration the precise beingness of specified species.

Though I americium an entomologist, I did not recognize that insects were “the small things that tally the world” until Wilson explained wherefore this is truthful successful 1987. Like astir each scientists and nonscientists alike, my knowing of however biodiversity sustains humans was embarrassingly cursory. Fortunately, Wilson opened our eyes. I spent the archetypal decades of my vocation studying the improvement of insect parental care, and Wilson’s aboriginal writings provided a fig of testable hypotheses that guided that research. But his 1992 book, The Diversity of Life, resonated profoundly with maine and became the ground for an eventual crook successful my vocation path.

Biologist E.O. Wilson with models of his life’s top subject, ants. Credit: Rick Friedman/Corbis via Getty Images

Throughout his vocation Wilson flatly rejected the conception held by galore scholars that earthy past – the survey of the earthy satellite done reflection alternatively than experimentation – was unimportant. He proudly labeled himself a naturalist, and communicated the urgent request to survey and sphere the earthy world. Decades earlier it was successful vogue, helium recognized that our refusal to admit the Earth’s limits, coupled with the unsustainability of perpetual economical growth, had acceptable humans good connected their mode to ecological oblivion.

Wilson understood that humans’ reckless attraction of the ecosystems that enactment america was not lone a look for our ain demise. It was forcing the biodiversity helium truthful cherished into the sixth wide extinction successful Earth’s history, and the archetypal 1 caused by an animal: us.

A wide imaginativeness for conservation

And so, to his lifelong fascination with ants, E. O. Wilson added a 2nd passion: guiding humanity toward a much sustainable existence. To bash that, helium knew helium had to scope beyond the towers of academia and constitute for the public, and that 1 publication would not suffice. Learning requires repeated exposure, and that is what Wilson delivered successful The Diversity of Life, Biophilia, The Future of Life, The Creation and his last plea successful 2016, Half-Earth: Our Planet’s Fight for Life.

As Wilson aged, desperation and urgency replaced governmental correctness successful his writings. He boldly exposed ecological demolition caused by fundamentalist religions and unrestricted colonisation growth, and challenged the cardinal dogma of conservation biology, demonstrating that conservation could not win if restricted to tiny, isolated situation patches.

In “Half Earth,” helium distilled a beingness of ecological cognition into 1 elemental tenet: Life arsenic we cognize it tin beryllium sustained lone if we sphere functioning ecosystems connected astatine slightest fractional of satellite Earth.

But is this possible? Nearly fractional of the satellite is utilized for immoderate signifier of agriculture, and 7.9 cardinal radical and their immense web of infrastructure inhabit the different half.

As I spot it, the lone mode to recognize E.O.’s lifelong privation is larn to coexist with nature, successful the aforesaid place, astatine the aforesaid time. It is indispensable to hide everlastingly the conception that humans are present and quality is someplace else. Providing a blueprint for this extremist taste transformation has been my extremity for the past 20 years, and I americium honored that it melds with E.O. Wilson’s dream.

There is nary clip to discarded successful this effort. Wilson himself erstwhile said, “Conservation is simply a subject with a deadline.” Whether humans person the contented to conscionable that deadline remains to beryllium seen.

Doug Tallamy is Professor of Entomology astatine the University of Delaware

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