Kevin McCarthy’s Worst Nightmare Comes True As 1/6 Committee Eyes Primetime Hearings

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The Trump coup and House Republican information successful it could get immense arsenic the 1/6 Committee weighs holding primetime hearings.

Bloomberg News reported:

The House Committee investigating the Jan. 6 riot astatine the Capitol is considering holding televised hearings during premier evening viewing hours truthful that the nationalist tin person “the champion opportunity” to perceive grounds and measure evidence, the panel’s president said.

“Maybe a bid of hearings,” Representative Bennie Thompson, a Mississippi Democrat, said Tuesday successful an interview. “The nationalist needs to know, needs to perceive from radical nether oath astir what led up to Jan. 6th, and to immoderate degree, what has continued aft Jan. 6.” 

Republicans are truthful fearful of the governmental harm from the Capitol onslaught that Donald Trump canceled his “press conference,” and Mitch McConnell and Kevin McCarthy won’t beryllium successful Washington, D.C. for the 1/6 anniversary. 

The crushed wherefore Republicans person tried to discredit and derail the 1/6 Committee is that they don’t privation the American radical to cognize the facts surrounding the Capitol attack.

Primetime hearings volition exposure a full caller assemblage to the facts and grounds of Republican information successful Donald Trump’s crippled to overthrow the government.

The 1/6 Committee hearings beryllium successful primetime due to the fact that a sitting president led an onslaught connected Congress to effort to overturn an predetermination that helium lost.

If a imaginable coup is not worthy of primetime television, thing is.

Republicans person been acrophobic for a twelvemonth that the American radical would drawback connected to their betrayal of democracy, and it whitethorn yet hap with the assistance of immoderate 1/6 Committee primetime hearings.

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