Mike Pence To Be Asked To Appear Before The 1/6 Committee

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1/6 Committee Chair Bennie Thompson said that the committee would inquire for erstwhile VP Mike Pence’s grounds earlier the extremity of the month.

Chairman Thompson told NPR:

“I deliberation you could expect that earlier the month’s out,” Thompson said.

“The vice president was enactment successful a pugnacious spot. The president was putting a batch of unit connected him to interruption the law, and helium stood fast,” added Thompson. “And due to the fact that of his respect for law, determination were radical who came to the Capitol a twelvemonth agone wanting to bent him. And so, if for nary different reason, our committee truly needs to perceive what are his opinions astir what happened connected Jan. 6.”

Mike Pence Was A Target On 1/6, But He Will Likely Fight Any Efforts To Get Him To Testify

By each accounts, erstwhile Vice President Pence was 1 of the targets of the 1/6 attack. People successful Trump’s orbit person stated that the extremity connected 1/6 was to stop Pence from certifying the predetermination truthful that it could beryllium yet tossed backmost to the states and Congress to manus Donald Trump the presidency.

Even though Pence is considered a traitor and an force successful Trump world, helium inactive wants to tally for president successful 2024, truthful 1 should expect Pence to defy immoderate efforts to get him to testify.

The Trump supporters wanted to bent him, but Mike Pence volition apt not cooperate with the 1/6 Committee.

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