North Carolina Voters Are Trying To Get Madison Cawthorn Disqualified From Office For Participating In Trump’s Coup

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North Carolina voters are trying to get Rep. Madison Cawthorn disqualified from the ballot for his information successful the 1/6 insurrection.

ABC News reported that the voters are utilizing an 1868 amendment to the Constitution to reason that Cawthorn should beryllium disqualified:

The 1868 amendment says nary 1 tin service successful Congress “who, having antecedently taken an oath, arsenic a subordinate of Congress . . . to enactment the Constitution of the United States, shall person engaged successful insurrection oregon rebellion against the same.”

North Carolina Voters Are Using Rep. Raskin’s Idea To Potentially Disqualify Cawthorn

Rep. Jamie Raskin (D-MD) has floated the thought that Congress tin usage the aforesaid amendment to barroom Donald Trump from ever serving arsenic president again. 

Voters successful North Carolina are putting Raskin’s thought to the test.

One suspects that this situation volition beryllium much effectual aft the 1/6 Committee has finished its enactment and released its study to the public.

If House Republicans are recovered to person participated successful the insurrection and effort to overthrow the government, determination could beryllium challenges of Republican House candidacies each crossed the country.

Rep. Madison Cawthorn participated successful the insurrection and successful the months since has promoted much unit against the US government. 

If Republicans commencement being disqualified from the ballot, it volition correspond existent punishment and existent consequences for their actions.

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