Rushed Out with His VP Brother on Jan. 6th, Greg Pence Saw It All: Will the Dream Witness Cooperate?

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Greg Pence serves arsenic the Congressman from the heavy reddish and agrarian Indiana territory that his brother, erstwhile Vice President Mike Pence, held for 12 years. Greg ran for the spot successful 2018 and won again successful 2020. He sat arsenic a Congressman successful the House connected January 6th arsenic Trump tweeted retired that his member had failed Trump’s question and the hordes moved in.

From an invaluable report successful the Indy Star, we larn that the Secret Service rushed Greg, the member of the Vice President, retired of the House Chamber and down to a concealed determination wherever they had moved Vice President Pence. And determination Greg sat, with his brother, watching Pence marque calls and bash each helium could bash to get the radical yelling “hang Mike Pence” retired of the building.

Their melodramatic escape, caught connected information cameras, came minutes aft Trump excoriated Mike Pence connected Twitter for lacking the “courage” to usage his ceremonial station presiding implicit the certification of the 2020 predetermination to overturn its outcome.

From the statement provided by the report, Greg Pence would person besides been determination erstwhile the Vice President refused to permission the Capitol. We cognize that the Secret Service wanted Mike Pence taken distant (and would frankincense beryllium incapable to implicit his duties). Mike Pence didn’t spot the Secret Service oregon its motives, fearing a plot. From the Washington Post excerpts of “I Alone Can Fix It” by Phillip Rucker and Carol Leonnig. Pence explained to his bodyguard:

“I spot you, Tim, but you’re not driving the car. If I get successful that vehicle, you guys are taking off. I’m not getting successful the car,” helium said.

V.P. Pence’s precise words straight connote that Pence did not trust the Secret Service generally. More from the earlier study successful “I Alone Can Fix It.”

The Pences went to a unafraid underground country to hold retired the riot. At the White House, elder authoritative Keith Kellogg reportedly discussed Pence with Tony Ornato, who “oversaw Secret Service movements.”

Ornato told Kellogg that Pence’s information item was readying to determination him to Joint Base Andrews but Kellogg told Ornato to permission Pence wherever helium was due to the fact that Pence was determined to enactment and decorativeness the job.

As an aside, connected Monday, the state learned that Keith Kellog has been cooperating with the Committee already.

If Greg was with his member astatine the clip V.P. Pence said helium trusted “Tim” but not the radical driving the car – the Indy Star study doesn’t marque it clear, though it says helium was with the VP portion helium Mike Pence made calls, etcetera – past Greg Pence mightiness beryllium 1 of the precise fewer witnesses that the committee could telephone and inquire astir wherefore his member doubted his quality to bid the Secret Service to bring him backmost to bash his job. Did Vice President Pence accidental thing to his member during specified an aggravated period? Greg Pence mightiness beryllium capable to attest arsenic to whether his member feared a crippled to wide him from the building, a conspiracy, 1 successful which the Secret Service would beryllium taking orders from Trump, not Pence.

Of course, the Committee could subpoena Mike Pence, but it is having a hard capable clip subpoenaing members of Congress.

In July, Greg said:

“My member was being asked to bash what we don’t bash successful this country,” Greg Pence recounted astatine a Republican fundraising meal successful his territory past July, 1 of the uncommon instances helium has spoken publically astir the attack. He aboriginal added, “I couldn’t beryllium prouder.”

Greg mightiness beryllium telling the truth, but helium definite doesn’t speech astir it much.

Pence has mostly declined to sermon what transpired portion helium was with his member that day, different than praising his member arsenic a leader for lasting up to Trump.

We are successful nary presumption to cognize whether Pence has already testified to the Committee (It would look unlikely, that would beryllium an unthinkable concealed to keep). And, arsenic arrogant of his member arsenic Greg mightiness be, determination is nary warrant astatine each that helium would hold to cooperate with the Committee, oregon not combat a subpoena. It would look that household ties lone spell truthful acold erstwhile it comes to MAGA politics:

Pence has repeatedly voted against attempts to shed airy connected the insurrection, oregon clasp those who urged it connected accountable. He voted doubly against forming a committee to analyse the origins of the attack, calling it “bass-ackwards.” He besides voted against impeaching Trump.

Amazing. Almost arsenic astonishing arsenic the information that connected the nighttime of the attack, aft the Capitol was cleared and his member was harmless from the radical that wanted to bent him for doing his job, Greg objected to the precise Electoral College votes his member was obligated to number and confirm, the full crushed the assemblage rushed for him.

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