Samsung TV remote control charges itself by harvesting Wi-Fi signals

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The latest mentation of Samsung's Eco Remote gets vigor from some spare Wi-Fi signals and star power

Technology 5 January 2022

By Matthew Sparkes

Samsung remote

Samsung’s Jong-Hee Han announced the caller distant astatine the CES commercialized amusement successful Las Vegas


Samsung has created a tv distant power that doesn’t necessitate batteries, arsenic it draws powerfulness by harvesting different wasted vigor emitted by Wi-Fi routers.

The steadfast primitively launched the Eco Remote arsenic a solar-powered instrumentality past year. Samsung said astatine the clip the distant could forestall 99 cardinal AAA batteries going to landfill implicit the adjacent 7 years. Now, astatine the 2022 CES exertion commercialized amusement successful Las Vegas, the steadfast has revealed a caller mentation of the instrumentality that includes a tiny antennae that tin seizure Wi-Fi signals from a region of up to 40 metres, allowing it to complaint adjacent successful acheronian rooms.

The institution says it volition see the distant power with caller televisions and different location appliances. Samsung didn’t respond to a petition for remark connected the nonstop method specifications of the device.

Gus Cheng Zhang astatine the University of Manchester, UK, says that the immense bulk of the signals from Wi-Fi routers that aren’t intercepted by laptops and different devices are usually wasted. “They volition beryllium absorbed determination due to the fact that of conservation of energy,” helium says. “It’s astir apt that erstwhile they deed metallic surfaces they’ll beryllium turned into eddy currents and past absorbed and beryllium turned into heat.”

“It’s decidedly a superb idea, and a precise bully illustration of vigor harvesting,” helium says of the distant power – and suggests that successful mentation you could powerfulness thing successful the aforesaid way, though it would marque small consciousness from an engineering standpoint. “You person a router that is emitting RF [radio frequency] signals that’s astir rated astatine 1 watt, which is constricted by regulations. And that’s mostly conscionable concerns astir safety,” helium says. “There is nary method regulation to however overmuch powerfulness tin beryllium transmitted from the router to a device.”

Zhang says determination are applicable applications for the exertion successful definite niches, though star powerfulness tin connection akin output for devices with debased powerfulness needs astatine little cost. Medical implants are 1 country wherever it makes consciousness and is successful information already being used, albeit with antithetic frequencies to Wi-Fi that tin amended penetrate the quality body.

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