Staff Have Turned On Trump And Are Giving Evidence Against Him

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Rep. Jamie Raskin (D-MD), who serves connected the 1/6 Committee, said that members of Trump’s unit person travel guardant and are giving evidence.


Transcript via ABC’s This Week:

STEPHANOPOULOS: The president’s erstwhile property secretary, erstwhile President Trump’s property secretary, Stephanie Grisham, went earlier your committee this week. You said she opened up lines of enquiry that hadn’t occurred to you. Like what?

RASKIN: Well, she had a fig of names that I had not heard before, and she had immoderate ways of looking astatine it.

Look, determination are — the astonishing happening astir what’s takes place, George, is that the overwhelming bulk of people, some wrong the Trump medication and outside, are stepping guardant to springiness the grounds that they’ve got. And, of course, that’s their ineligible work erstwhile Congress comes calling, but it’s besides a benignant of civic work and grant to bash that.

And, overwhelmingly, radical participated. It’s lone a occupation the person you get to Donald Trump and you person a fistful of radical who deliberation they’re supra the instrumentality similar Roger Stone and Steve Bannon and Mark Meadows, erstwhile helium was intimidated by Donald Trump.

But successful general, we’re getting terrific participation, and we’re truly connecting each of the dots.

The Reasons Why Trump’s Staff Are Turning On Him

The erstwhile Trump staffers and associates each person antithetic reasons for turning connected him, but they autumn into a fewer wide categories. There are erstwhile staffers similar Stephanie Grisham who are repulsed by what Trump has done and are committed to stopping him successful 2024.

The 2nd radical is those who are frightened of the effectiveness of the 1/6 Committee. There are a batch of erstwhile Trump staffers and associates who bash not person the fiscal resources to combat a legislature probe that has shown a willingness to marque transgression referrals.

Trump staffers are turning connected him and providing grounds to the committee, truthful the failed erstwhile president who demanded full loyalty is getting nary from galore of those astir him.

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