Steps To Press Release Submission Sites Of Your Dreams

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Places To Look For Press Release Submission Sites


A press release is a news release that shares information with the media. In order to distribute your press release, you'll need to submit it through a submission site. Here are some of the best places to look for press release submission sites:

#1: Press release submission sites

  • Press release submission sites

  • Paid press release submission sites. If you're looking for a free option, check out our list of free press release submission sites. There are also paid options (for example PR Newswire), but it's important to note that many of these services offer different packages—a subscription plan that includes things like monthly tracking and analytics reports. submit press release online 

  • These services tend to cost between $10-20 per month depending on the package you choose; however, some may be able to offer even better pricing than that if they know what your industry is worth!

#2: Several press release distribution sites

  • Several press release distribution sites.

  • Paid press release submission sites.

  • Submit your news release online and get paid! These sites are great for finding a great deal on your articles and blogs that you can add to your website or blog posts without having to pay anyone else for them. submit a press release 

  • You can also use them if you want someone else’s content but don’t want to pay for it yourself because they are offering an incentive such as cash prizes or discounts from their product/service lineups!

#3: Business and news websites

  • Business and news websites:

  • Submit to local news sites. These are generally the most credible, but they can also be difficult to break through with a press release. You will likely need to reach out directly if you want coverage from these sites because there isn't much room for new content on them (unless you're writing about something really big). This can be especially true for niche or small business-oriented news outlets like those focused on your industry or city.

  • Submit to niche/small business-related websites. press release submission sites 

  • There is often room for more than one story in these publications—and if not, then at least one story every now and then will give your company some exposure without being overwhelming or too busy for any single writer's attention span!

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