Vice President Harris Emphasizes Vigilance in Protecting Democracy, While Doubts Loom About DOJ’s Commitment

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It seems arsenic though the entirety of the past week has been the January 6th one-year anniversary. It was not by mishap that the House Select Committee released a batch of worldly pertinent to that time successful the past week, demonstrating much intelligibly than ever that the azygous past happening that happened connected January 6th was immoderate bizarre uprising that got retired of manus successful an different mean protest. No, it was a meticulously planned effort to overthrow an election, an American election. It was a coup, arsenic Ari Melber told Peter Navarro 2 days ago. But the coup was slow-rolling and had begun weeks before, and that captious information cannot beryllium forgotten connected the day of lone the astir unsafe day.

In the look of this coup, Vice President Kamala Harris spoke contiguous astatine the Capitol (as did the President), and warned:

“January 6th reflects the dual quality of democracy, its fragility and its strength. You see, the spot of ideology is the regularisation of law … The spot of ideology is that it empowers the people.”

“And the fragility of ideology is this. That if we are not vigilant, if we bash not support it, ideology simply volition not stand. It volition falter and fail,” Harris added.

Harris besides urged for the enlargement of voting rights, saying “we indispensable walk the voting rights bills that are present earlier the Senate. We cannot beryllium connected the sidelines; we indispensable unite successful defence of our democracy.”

Vice President Harris is 100% close and it is due to the fact that she is truthful close that immoderate of america are cringing. If 1 looks astatine the bolded portions of her words and pairs them with Merrick Garland’s inadequate code yesterday determination is dire crushed to worry. We constituent again backmost to the slow-rolling coup, the 1 that built up implicit weeks anterior to January 6th and went unaddressed successful Garland’s speech.

The onslaught connected the Capitol connected January 6th was thing much than the culmination of a weeks-long effort led by Trump himself to overthrow the election, committing crimes each on the way. The Department of Justice is not being “vigilante” (to usage Harris’s words) arsenic it moves up from model breakers, to the radical with the bullhorns, to the radical who paid for January 6th, and possibly to the radical “at the top,” each portion – seemingly – ignoring the evidentiary worth of Jeffery Rosen, erstwhile Acting-Attorney General, telling DOJ’s ain Inspector General, that Trump told him to motion a missive saying that the DOJ recovered fraud occurred wrong the 2020 election. Trump committed a felony that time successful that instruction.

This benignant of instruction, this benignant of felony, successful beforehand of different witnesses doesn’t necessitate 12 months of probe to “get right,” it doesn’t necessitate that Garland get grounds from idiosyncratic who roughed up a constabulary officer, and it is astir surely against the regularisation of instrumentality that Harris cited.

Garland did not accidental a azygous connection astir each the “pre-January 6th activities that represent a transgression against democracy, crimes we indispensable vigilantly prosecute if we’re to forestall them from ever happening again. As Vice President Harris said, ideology consists of a weird operation of fragility and strength.

Ironically, we saw the spot successful Mike Pence’s adherence to the Constitution connected January 6th itself. But present it’s hard not to consciousness the fragility, upon proceeding Merrick Garland talk arsenic though helium is investigating a cause kingpin, starting by arresting the feline connected the street, moving connected to his dealer…

It is against the instrumentality for a president to telephone up different Republican Secretary of State and request that helium find different 12,000 votes. It is against the instrumentality for a president to archer the acting Attorney General to motion a papers saying that the DOJ recovered fraud successful an predetermination successful which the DOJ recovered nary fraud. Merrick Garland did not accidental a happening astir these crimes and these peculiar crimes are not the benignant that requires talking to the Shaman and the Oath Keepers first. You commencement by talking to your ain DOJ Inspector General and that peculiar grounds was disposable erstwhile Joe Biden raised his manus connected January 20th.  We person not seen DOJ indict 1 idiosyncratic for 1 information of immoderate of the pre-January 6th crimes.

Sad arsenic it is, it appears to immoderate of america that Vice President Harris’s beardown and needed connection regarding the spot needed to stay committed to the regularisation of instrumentality mightiness beryllium seen arsenic wholly inconsistent with the actions of their ain Justice Department.

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